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Welcome to Women's Fitness Studio & Spa

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Thanksgiving Hours

Thanksgiving Hours

  • Thursday, November 27th open from 7:30am to 10:30am.
  • Join us for 8:00am BodyPump and 9:00am RPM   


  • Friday, November 28th  open 7:30am-12noon.  
  • Come in for 9:15am BodyCombat and 10:15am BodyFlow. 
10 Visits for $10

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WFS Woman of the Month

WFS Woman - Helen Sapien

Q. What got you started on your fitness journey?

A. "When my marriage of 20 years ended I hit rock bottom. I was depressed, didn’t like ME and used food to feel better about myself and life. I didn’t like the person I had become. I gained a lot of weight, was angry and upset...but then I found WFS. I had tried other gyms but never stayed with it. WFS is the only gym I’ve stayed with! I really enjoy it! I’ve lost weight, feel better about myself and enjoy life. I smile a lot more thanks to WFS. The staff are all very supportive to everyone who walks through the door."

Q. What does your training (and diet, if applicable) consist of?

A. "My training consists of 3 days of RPM. I love that class A LOT! I also do 2 days of 40-45min on the treadmill. In addition to walking on the treadmill, I do some strength training. I try to work out 5 days a week. But that doesn’t always happen."

Q. What are your fitness plans for the future?

A. "To get stronger, leaner and to maintain a healthy weight.  I would also like to stop taking my blood pressure medication. I’m confident with proper nutrition, exercise and the support of WFS, I will reach my goals!"

Massage Packages Available NOW!

Massage is so beneficial in so many ways; massage reduces stress, oxygenates the blood, promotes clear thinking, and compliments your exercise routine. Now you can treat yourself to the benefits of regular massage with our package specials. 

     Single massage  - $65
     5 massages        - $275 ($55 each)
     10 massages      - $500 ($50 each)

Gift cards available for any spa service, personal training, or products at the front desk, or purchase online HERE